Apple Seeds

We were able to germinate a couple of Pink Lady apple seeds, and they’re not messing around!  They were germinated in a baggie and planted in a pot on April 30th.
This is their progression since then:

apple_4.30.17April 30th

May 3rd
The one on the bottom left ended up growing some mold, so I threw it out to make sure the other two lived.  I’m assuming I misted it a bit too much, but I don’t know for certain.

May 4th

May 5th

May 6th
The right one wasn’t attached to the brown seed cap by now, so I just slid it right off.

I’ll try to take daily photos of these and post a week’s worth at a time.  Zeke plans to make one into a bonsai, and I want to graft the other one so we can grow yummy apples!

Want some info on grafting?  I did a google search and these links explained the process pretty well, in my opinion.  Check them out!
Game and Garden – How to Graft Apple Trees
Stark Bro’s – The Science of Grafted Fruit Trees

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